What’s On

First Friday Events

First Friday talks take place in Lowdham Methodist Chapel  2pm – 3.30pm.
Tickets available from The Bookcase, 50 Main Street, Lowdham
or on our box office line 0115 966 3219
£6 full, £5 concessions, £4 Festival Friends (including tea and cake)


Friday 5th July

A WRITER’S QUEST with Eileen Campbell

Eileen Campbell ’s life has been one of both outer and inner travel and exploration. She has had many adventures travelling the world in her quest for answers to life’s perplexing questions, yet has found the answers have only come from the inner journey we all can make. Eileen’s inspirational books are all about how to live a meaningful and joyful life and have been described by the media as ‘Treasures of Timeless Wisdom’.

Friday 6th September

WRITERS ON TRIAL with Mike Wilson


Friday 4th October



Friday 1st November

AUTUMN IN THE GARDEN  with Stuart Dixon

Friday 6th December



Film Friday Events

Film Friday events take place in Lowdham Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.  Tickets £6 full & £5 concessions and children from The Bookcase: Box Office 0115 966 3219.

There is a licensed bar at all the Film Friday evenings, plus ice cream, popcorn, hot drinks and a delicious selection of home made cakes.

Friday 20th September 2019


Starring Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Stephen Campbell Moore and Tom Hughes.

Joan Stanley is living in contented retirement in suburbia at the turn of the millennium. Her tranquil life is suddenly disrupted when she’s arrested by MI5 and accused of providing intelligence to Communist Russia. Back in 1938, as a physics student at Cambridge, Joan falls in love with a  young communist, Leo Galich, and through him, begins to see the world in a new light.  Later, working at a top-secret nuclear research facility during WWII, Joan comes to the realisation that the world is on the brink of mutually assured destruction. Confronted with an impossible question – what price would you pay for peace? – Joan must choose between betraying her country and loved ones, or saving them.

Based on Jennie Rooney’s best-selling novel of the same name and inspired by true events.


Friday 25th October

A Double Bill for Hallowe’en!

7pm THE VANISHING (15) 107 mins

Starring Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan and Connor Swindells

On an uninhabited island, 20 miles from the rugged Scottish coast, three lighthouse keepers arrive for their six-week shift. As Thomas, James, and Donald settle into their usual, solitary routines, something unexpected and potentially life-changing occurs- they stumble upon something that isn’t theirs to keep.

9pm  GHOST STORIES (15) 97 mins

Starring Martin Freeman, Alex Lawther, Andy Nyman, Paul Whitehouse, and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith.

Phillip Goodman, professor of psychology, has his rationality tested to the hilt when he receives a letter apparently from beyond the grave. His mentor, Charles Cameron, the ‘original’ TV parapsychologist went missing fifteen years before, presumed dead and yet now he writes to Goodman saying that the pair must meet. Cameron, it seems, is still very much alive and he needs Goodman to find a rational explanation for three stories that have shaken him to his core. As Goodman investigates, he meets three haunted people, each with a tale more frightening, uncanny and inexplicable than the last.


Friday 29th November


Starring Daniel Mays, James Purefoy, Tuppence Middleton, Noel Clarke and David Hayman

A fast-living, cynical London music executive  heads to a remote Cornish village on a stag weekend where he is tricked by his boss into trying to sign a group of shanty singing fishermen. He becomes the ultimate fish out of water as he struggles to gain the respect or enthusiasm of the unlikely boy band and their families, who value friendship and community over fame and fortune. As he is drawn deeper into the traditional way of life he is forced to re-evaluate his own integrity and ultimately question what success really means.