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Some recent additions

Struggle & Suffrage in Nottingham by Carol Lovejoy Edwards

This is the story of many women across the generations and their struggle for equality, not just for the right to vote but also for equality in the workplace and even in their own homes. The book covers two world wars where women took on men’s jobs and is the first book to concentrate solely on this period in women’s history in our county. Using many primary sources, it  tells of their welfare work, their war work, their political efforts and the hardships endured in their own homes. Included are the stories of Helen Watts suffragette; Lady Laura Ridding, wife of the Bishop of Southwell; and Lady Maud Rolleston, who followed her husband to the Boer War, as well as ordinary women undertaking war work, some of whom were Canary Girls in the munitions factories who lost their lives in an explosion in 1918.  Paperback, £14.99

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Nottingham by Ian D. Rotherham & Christine Handley

Unique images from the archives of Historic England providing a nostalgic look at Nottingham’s past, highlighting the special character of some of its most important historic sites.  Paperback, £14.99

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Lost Tramways of England: Nottingham  by Peter Waller

The city of Nottingham had two traditional electric tramway operations, that of the corporation and that of the Notts & Derby company. Dominant for the first 25 years of the century, by the mid-1920s a new form of transport, the trolleybus, came to epitomise the future and all of the city s first-generation trams had been withdrawn by the mid-1930s. This guide documents these first efforts stop by stop and provides fascinating visual insight into the city at the time of operation through a range of archive photography, much of which is appearing in print for the first time. Hardback, £8.99

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