Local Interest

Some recent additions

A Tale of Two Villages by Mary Gardiner

The history of the villages of Burton Joyce and Bulcote told through the people who lived here – the gentry, vicars, farmers, joiners, blacksmiths etc. Contemporary documents have been used as far as possible to tell the story, as well as artefacts that have been found here such as a small flint tool and a Roman coin. The story begins in the eleventh century and continues into the beginning of the twentieth.Paperback, £14.99

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Plague in Bleasby by Malcolm Noble

The story of how a Nottinghamshire village survived its summer of death.

The plague of 1604 reduced the population of Bleasby by 30%, a demographic deficit that would not recover for two generations. Family documents and local records have been used to bring detail to this figure and offer an understanding of the villlage’s social and economic dynamics. Paperback, £25

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Station of Nations: The History of RAF Balderton by Colin Savill

During WW2, Royal Air Force Balderton, on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border, was a wartime RAF station which hosted among others No.408 (Goose) Squadron RCAF, the USAAF 437th and 439th Transport Carrier Groups, the Rolls-Royce jet engine trials unit and No.227 Squadron RAF. The story of the airfield from its origins to its demise is told here. Paperback, £17.99

Foreword by former Flight Engineer Maurice ‘Bill’ Bailey who served at Balderton with No.227 Squadron.

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