Local Interest

Some recent additions

A Tale of Two Villages by Mary Gardiner

The history of the villages of Burton Joyce and Bulcote told through the people who lived here – the gentry, vicars, farmers, joiners, blacksmiths etc. Contemporary documents have been used as far as possible to tell the story, as well as artefacts that have been found here such as a small flint tool and a Roman coin. The story begins in the eleventh century and continues into the beginning of the twentieth.Paperback, £14.99

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Arnot Hill Auxilary Hospital by Bob Massey

The story of Arnold’s World War One Hospital.  The hospital was established in 1914 following a proposal by Margaret Birkin that the then empty house at Arnot Hill Park be used as an auxilary hospital for war wounded and closed in 1919 when the last patients were discharged. Paperback, £4.95

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“We Will Remember Them” by Peter Foster

The Fallen of High Pavement School, Nottingham 1914-1918

The High Pavement School Roll of Honour contains the names of ninety-three men who had either studied at the school or had been a master there. Biographical details of ninety of these men are given here along with some background details on the campaigns they were involved in. Paperback, £10

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