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Some recent additions

Oxton, Nottinghamshire. A History by Robert Cooper

A history of Oxton, originally intended to form part of the history of Nottinghamshire in the Victoria County History series, but now published as a “one off”. Broad subjects covered are land ownership, economic history, social history, local government and religious history.  Paperback, £9.99

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Nottingham by Ian D. Rotherham & Christine Handley

Unique images from the archives of Historic England providing a nostalgic look at Nottingham’s past, highlighting the special character of some of its most important historic sites.  Paperback, £14.99

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The Mansfield Railway by Robert Western

The Mansfield Railway came into being thanks to some determined local individuals and opened in 1916. Its prime purpose was to carry coal from the east Nottinghamshire coalfield, but it was also on the route for the “fast fish” trains from Grimsby to London. In addition it connected the coalfield towns with seaside resorts enabling holidays and day trips for the mining communities. As services were cut, the railway gradually became a truncated line serving only the colleries and with the demise of the coal industry, the end was inevitable.

The author has been researching the history of this line since 1976.  The result is a detailed and fascinating study, accompanied by numerous photographs and illustrations.  Paperback, £17.95

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