Local Interest

Some recent additions

Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers by Rowena Edlin-White

This is a guide-book to the literary landscape of the region – three centuries and more of writers and the places that inspired them. This book celebrates not only the obvious giants like Byron, Lawrence and Sillitoe, but dozens of others who were best-sellers in their day like Muriel Hine, J.C. Snaith and others whose stories had been forgotten. Paperback, £12.99

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Pandemic 1918 by Catharine Arnold

This uses previously unpublished records, memoirs, diaries and government publications to uncover the human story behind the Spanish Flu of 1918, the most devastating pandemic in world history.  Hardcover, £20

Catharine Arnold is an author, journalist and academic and also a Nottingham City Councillor.

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What Buys a King’s Shilling? The life of a soldier by Terence Woolley

A fast-moving novel set in Nottingham during the time of the Napoleonic Wars, though the action starts in Madras, introducing us to honest soldier, Sergeant Joshua Kerry, and to some of the other, not so honest, major players.  Joshua is then sent back to England after twenty years service overseas, and arrives back in the town of his birth on a day that a framework knitters’ rally turns into a riot, marking the start of what comes to be known as the Luddite rebellion. As Joshua’s family are framework knitters, he is then torn between loyalty to them and his duty to uphold the law.

This is an engrossing story with a strong narrative and a likeable hero.  It has been well researched and gives a vivid picture of life in Nottingham and the surrounding villages in a time of social turmoil. Paperback  £7.99

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