Local Interest

Some recent additions

Lowdham Grange. Borstal! by Jeremy Lodge

A new book telling the story of Lowdham Grange Borstal from the time it opened in May 1930 until it closed in 1982. The book commences by describing the fate of young people in the English penal system in the 1800s and it then explores some of the challenges, developments and people who created this innovative institution in Lowdham, drawing on the testimonies of former staff and their families, former Borstal lads and locals. Paperback, £10

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Miriam’s Farm edited by Clive Leivers

 The story of Haggs Farm, D.H. Lawrence and the Chambers family.

D.H.Lawrence found in Haggs farm, the people who lived there and the surrounding countryside, his first incentive to write.  The farm, the landscape and the Chambers family provided the models for Miriam’s farm and family in Sons & Lovers and inspired his first novel The White Peacock.  From 1901-1908 Lawrence visited the farm so regularly that he almost became one of the family. The essays in this collection explore that relationship, relate the history of the farm and its tenants, and deal with other aspects of the life of the Chambers family. Paperback, £8.50

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The Gentleman’s Hairdresser of Gedling by Neil Kendrick

Specially reprinted for us!

This tells the story of Roy Skellington of Gedling, gentleman’s hairdresser and churchwarden, a story that spans over nine decades, and reflects how Gedling has changed from a sleepy rural village to become a busy thoroughfare.

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