The Bookcase is an extraordinary resource. Not only does it fulfil its primary function of selling and ordering books extremely well, but through its organisation of the successful Lowdham Book Festival it provides a great platform for artists and local companies to speak, write and perform. In 2011 The Bookcase promoted and enabled my company Catfoot to have the premiere of our first show ‘Cowboy Baby’ at the Book Festival. This year that same show will be embarking on its first full tour, playing at illustrious venues such as Birmingham Rep. The Bookcase through its active support and encouragement has enabled that growth to happen. The Bookcase also works hard to promote good local community causes, such as a small arts festival I organise in a neighbouring village. This personal, one-to-one approach is irreplaceable and to lose this would have a serious knock-on effect for the promotion of community causes and projects and a nurturing ground for new artists and work.

David Longford - Catfoot Productions, and Marketing Director of Nottingham's Theatre Royal

Although I and the other members of the book club to which I belong do not live close to The Bookcase, the events associated with it make a huge difference to us. In particular, the annual Reading Group Day always steers us towards books we would not otherwise have chosen, sometimes taking us out of our comfort zone, and often sets up a chain reaction, pointing the way to other authors. On these days, The Bookcase becomes a mobile bookshop and again encourages us to branch out, in a way that electronic booksellers fail to do.

Reading group Member

What I appreciate is the friendly, knowledgeable human touch and the opportunity to browse through books on the shelves. It’s also easier to reach than town and no parking fees. I also like the loyalty scheme, hospitality and regular events. As someone who runs a book club it is an invaluable resource for linking in with the wider literary community.

Reading Group Member